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This method of delivery is a good option for clients who prefer to have the installing contractor and the consultant work together starting at the developmental phases of the project.  In this scenario, we provide in-house (and/or subcontracted) Professional Engineering from conception through construction and closeout.  Our Precon and Estimating teams will continually provide cost reviews as new ideas develop so that cost effective methods are incorporated into the final construction documents.  We have had great success with projects delivered in this manner as it creates a team dynamic between the consultants and the contractors rather than an adversarial relationship.



With this method, our Preconstruction and Engineering team takes your conceptual drawings and helps the consultants develop the plumbing and mechanical systems that are appropriate to your needs as well as your budget.  We understand the challenges from the owner’s perspective and find this method to be a great way of creating a win-win for everyone involved.

This is a service we offer for clients who already have consultants on board. We take the documents (at whatever phase of development) and review them for cost effectiveness and constructability.

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